The primary purpose of this site is to explain to those with no particular knowledge of taxation or economics, the basic principles that lie behind Land Value Taxation (LVT), and why it may be seen as a fair and appropriate way of raising revenue for local or central government.

There is a wealth of information on the subject already through books, organisations and other websites, so one might well ask why add another?

The answer is that, in over forty years of being involved with the LVT movement I’ve found that the same recurrent problem has always presented itself––how to get the message across; not just to convince people that LVT is a good idea, but to explain in easy to understand terms, what it is and how it works; simply to enable people to make an informed decision.  

An Ipsos/Mori poll, commissioned by the Coalition for Economic Justice and completed in November 2012, revealed that amongst a random selection, those who had a better understanding of LVT were more likely to support It.1

There is evidence in published articles of a growing interest in LVT amongst prominent economists, journalists and politicians. 2  At the same time there is a widespread lack of understanding amongst the ordinary voting public as to how it works and why it could resolve many of our current economic and social problems.

For those who prefer to read the printed page, I have written a book entitled With Inky Blots and Rotten Parchment, which contains the material of this website. This was published in July 2022 and is available on Amazon; click on ‘Book’ link above


(1)  http://www.landvaluescape.org/archives/news/

(2)  Refer to ‘Supporters’ pages.