Supporters listed here are prominent individuals, drawn internationally from the areas of Politics, Economics, Journalism or Academia, who have expressed support for LVT through published articles or academic papers.  Click on the highlighted name to open the relevant article or website:

1.8.04.           Antonia Swinson: Author of ‘The Root of All Evil’ Chief executive of Ethical Property Foundation
21.4.08.         Prof. Prem Sikka:  Prof. of Accountancy, Essex University.
10.9.08.         Dr. Martin Weale:    Economist.  Director, NIESR.  Member, Bank of England MPC.
24.3.09.         Samuel Brittan:    Economist / Journalist.  Economics Editor, Financial Times.
24.3.09.         Prof. Iain McLean:  Prof. of Politics, Oxford U.
11.4.09.          Peter Wilby:   Journalist, Ex. Editor, New Statesman.
22.5.09          Dr. Neville Bennett:  (Aus.), Economics Editor, National Business Review.
10.8.09.         Ashley Seagar:    Economist /Journalist
3.12.09.         Clive Anderson:    BBC Presenter.  Ex. Barrister.
29.1.10.         Richard Reeves:    Economist, Ex Director, Demos. Advisor to Nick Clegg.
13.7.10.          Polly Toynbee;    Journalist.  Assoc. Editor, Independent.
19.7.10.         Prof. Herman Daly (US):    Economist, Ex.World Bank.  Prof. U. of Maryland
7.8.10:           Prof. Michael Hudson (US):  Economist, U of Missouri.  Ex. Wall St. analyst
7.8.10.           Dr. Diarmid Weir   PhD. econ. Sterling U. LVT advisor to Scottish Parliament
7.8.10.           Martin Wolf: Financial Editor, Financial Times.
26.8.10.         Andy Burnham, MP:    Labour Shadow Minister for Education.
2.9.10.           Benjamin Fox:    Marketing Consultant.  Advisor to EU Economic Affairs Committee.
25.9.10.         Mark Braund:    Journalist / Social commentator.
10.10.10.       Will Hutton:    Journalist.  Ex.Editor, Observer.
19.10.10.       Jason Cowley:    Editor, New Statesman.
23.11.10         Lord John Shipley:    Ex. (Lib. Dem) leader, Newcastle City Council.
3.1.11.            Philippe Legrain:    Economist. Chief Analyst, Bureau of European Policy Advisors.
1.7.11.            Calista Cheung:  (Can.) Senior Economics Rep. Bank of Canada.
1.9.11.            George Eaton:    Journalist, Political editor, New Statesman.
6.9.11.            Lord Dick Newby:    Economist, Lib.dem Peer, Tax advisor to HMRC.
14.9.11           Prof. Peter Ambrose:   Prof. of Housing and Health, Brighton University.
4.11.11           Michael Kumhof:    Deputy Chief Editor, Research Dept, IMF. (video)
9.11.11.          Dr. Micheál L. Collins: Prof. of Economics, Trinity College, Dublin
15.12.11         Dr. Bob Colenut:  Head of Research, Urban Affairs, Northampton U.
23.1.12.          Romain Duval;     French Economist, OECD
27.1.12           Ronan Lyons:    Economist,  Journalist (Ireland)   
3.2.12             Mark Drakeford:    Welsh Assembly Labour AM, Cardiff West.
8.2.12.            Nicholas Boles MP:    Tory MP. Ex. Director Policy Exchange
8.2.12:            David Cowan:   Tory activist, Cambridge University & Egremont Group
27.2.12.          Nicholas Shaxson:     Journalist, Author , Researcher for Tax Justice Network.
1.3.12             Merryn Somerset Webb:     Editor-in-Chief, Moneyweek.
7. 6.12.           Dr. Adam Leaver: Senior lecturer, Manchester U. Business School
22.8.12.          Charles Secrett:   Former Director, FOE. UK.  Founder, Robertsbridge Group.
4.9.12.            Dr.Duncan Stoddard:  Economist, Farmer, Author. Data scientist at DS Analytics. 
11.9.12.          Bernadette Meaden: Social / Catholic activist. Writer for the Christian thinktank ‘Ekklesia’
16.9.12           Philip Inman:  Economics correspondent for Guardian  and Observer.
27.9.12           David J Webb:  Libertarian writer on Chinese Politics and Economics.
27.9.12.          Victoria White:  Environmentalist, Journalist, Irish Examiner.
25.10.12.        Jenny Jones:     London mayoral candidate, Green Party
21.1.13           George Monbiot:  Author, Journalist, Environmental activist.
13.2.13.          Simon Tilford: Economics advisor to Centre for European Reform. Ex. advisor to European Commission, House of Lords, etc.
8. 5.13            Andy Hull:    Islington Councillor. Ex. Researcher at IPPR.  Ex. Police Policy Officer
14.5.13.          Mark Walton:   Environmental scientist. Advisor to Defra, DCLG, Canal and River Trust. Director of ‘Shared Assets’.
3.6.13             Howard Reed:     Ex. Chief Economist to IPPR, Director of Landman Economics
19.8.13           Jeff Taylor:   Co-editor of the ‘Economic Voice’
20.8.13           Ben Chu:         Economics editor, The Independent newspaper
15.9.13           Natalie Bennett:  Ex. Green Party Leader.
22.9.13           Johann Lamont:  MSP, Ex. Leader of Scottish Labour Party
30.9.13.          Dr. Stephen Battersby:   President, Institute of Environmental Health. Chair, Pro-housing Alliance
21.11.13:        Tim Worstall:    Journalist, blogger on economiics.  Fellow at Adam Smith Institute
22.11.13         Jesse Myerson: (US) Leader, Occupy Wall Street.
18.12.13         Zoë Williams:   Journalist/Columnist, Guardian, Observer
6.2.14.            Prof. Edward Glaeser: Prof. of Economics, Harvard U.
2.3.14.            Prof. Danny Dorling:   Prof. of Human Geography, Sheffield U. and Oxford U
26.4.14.          Prof. James Galbraith:  Prof. of Government, U. of Texas, Austin USA. (video)
28.4.14.          Paul Abbey:   Chief Economist, PWC, Australia. (video)
29.4.14.          Prof. Ken gibb:   Prof. of Housing Economics, Glasgow U.
1.5.14             Owen Jones:   Journalist, author, Guardian columnist.
7.5.14.            April Cumming:  Vice-chair Scottish Fabians, Electoral Reform Soc. member.
10.7.14.          Helen Kersley: Head of Valuations NEF. Ex. HMRC.  Ex.European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.
10.7.14.          Faiza Shaheen: Head of Inequlity, Save the Children. Ex. NEF & Centre for Cities.
7.10.14.          John Christensen:  Director, Tax Justice Network. Ex. economic advisor to Jersey government.
24.10.14.        Murad Quereshi:  Labour member, London Assembly.
11.11.14.        Joe Sarling: Economist, Urban Planner. Ex. National Housing Federation, Shelter, RTPI.
13.11.14         Lee Dong-Keon:   Tax specialist, PWC, Korea.
1.1.15.            Dr Yiming Wang:   Economist, Urban planner, lecturer UCL
1.1.15.            Dr. Dimitris Potoglou: Senior Lecturer, School of Transport and Planning, Cardiff University.
1.1.15.            Dr. Scott Orford: Reader in Spatial analysis, School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University.
1.1.15.            Dr. Yi Gong: Research Fellow, Cardiff University.
2.1.15.            Naomi Smith: Accountant. Chair, Social Liberal Forum.
8.1.15.            Darren Johnson:  London Assembly, Green party member.
12.1.15.          Warwick Smith (Aus):  Economist, ecologist, Fellow at Melbourne U.
10.2.15.          Jonathan Winship:  Lecturer: Accounting and Finance, Open University.
5.2.15.            Sam Bowman:  Libertarian economist. Director, Adam Smith Institute.
16.2.15.          Kevin Amirehsani:  Economist and Author.  Analyst at Global Risk Insights.
3.3.15.            Dr. Peter Orszag: (US) Economist at Citigroup. Ex. advisor to President Obama.
11.3.15.          Prof. Gerry Holtham:   Journalist. Lecturer, London Business School, Cardiff U.
19.3.15.          Keith Taylor:  Green MEP, S.E. England.
23.3.15.          Prof. Phang Sock Yong: (Sing). Prof. of Economics, Singapore Management University.
1.4.15.            Edward Lucas:  Economist , Journalist, Senior editor, Economist magazine.
8.4.15.           Jessica Irvine(Aus). Senior economist, Fairfax Media.
17.4.15.          Dame Kate Barker: Ex. researcher NIESR, advisor to CBI, ex. B. of E. MPC.
20.4.15.          Prof. Joseph Stiglitz: (US)    Nobel Economics Laureate.  Ex. World Bank.
5.5.15.            Jeff Spross:  (US).Economics writer at ‘The Week’ political news magazine.
20.5.15.          Stephen Meintjes: (SA.) Economist and Author.  Head of Research, Imara Investment Bank.
5.8.15.            Jeremy Corbyn MP:   UK Labour Party leader.                                                         10.8.15           Amol Rajan Journalist:  BBC Radio 4 presenter. Former editor of the Independent newspaper.                                                                                                                                                    16.8.15.          Mathew Taylor:  Chief Exec. RSA. Ex. Director of IPPR.  Ex. advisor to Tony Blair.
5.10.15.          Holly Mackay:  Independent Investment Advisor.  MD. of ‘Boring Money’.
14.10.15.        Prof. John Kay:  Prof. at LSE.  Ex. Director IFS. Columnist at FT.
22.12.15.        Dr. Andrew Sayer:   Prof. of Social Theory and Political Economy, Lancaster University.
15.1.16.          Brian Wilson:  Journalist.  Ex. Labour MP and Minister of State, (1987-2005).
15.2.16.          Daran Sarma: Economist & IT specialist. Graduate in Civil Service Fast Stream project.
16.2.16.          Josh Ryan-Collins: Assoc. Director, Economy and Finance, NEF.
18.2.16.          James Pethokoukis: (US). Economist.  Fellow of American Enterprise Institute.
15.3.16.          James Nickerson:   Business & political reporter at City AM.
22.3.16.          Frank Chung: (Aus)  Financial reporter for aus.
2.5.16.            Jeff Stein: (US).  Politics writer, Editor of
16.5.16.          Sian Berry AM:  Green Party, London Assembly member.
31.5.16.          Mike Russell MSP:  SNP member.
6.6.16.            Joel Anderson: (US). Business writer, Senior editor,, USA.
7.6.16.            Dr. Somprawin Manprasert: (Thai) Prof. of Economics, Chulalongkorn U., Bangkok.
22.9.16.          Dr. Tom Goodfellow: Economist. Lecturer, Sheffield U.
3.10.16.          Prof. Herbert Barry lll: (US). Prof of Psychology, Pittsburgh U.                           2.11.16.         Rory Meakin: Economist, research fellow at Taxpayer’s Alliance                              2.11.16.         Ryan Bourne: Chair for Public Understanding of Economics at Cato Institute. Former head of Public Policy at the Institute of Economic Affairs
8.12.16.          Prof. Philip Booth: Academic author & IEA Research Director. Ex. advisor to Bank of England. Ex. Professor at Cass Business School.
6.2.17.            Rebecca Long-Bailey:  Labour MP. Salford and Eccles
6.2.17.            Dr. Kate Pickett: Scientist, Co-author of ‘The Spirit Level’, Co-founder of the Equality Trust.
6.2.17.            Dr. Richard Wilkinson: Scientist, Co-author of ‘The Spirit Level’, co-founder of the Equality Trust.
6.2.17.            Stephen Hill, MRICS. Chartered surveyor. Director of C2O Future Planners.
26.2.17.          Michael Meadowcroft: Liberal- Democrat politician, MP for Leeds West, 1983-87.
18.3.17.          Graeme McCormack SNP.
18.3.17           Mary McCaig SNP
19.3.17:          Marion Terrill: (Aus.) Transport director, Policy analyst, Grattan Institute, Melbourne,Australia.
3.4.17.            Edwin Loo: MRTPI, Singapore. Town Planner
7.6.17.            Chris Game: Senior lecturer, Local gov’t. studies. U. of Birmingham.
8.6.17.            Anna Minton: Journalist, writer and academic. Author of Big Capital: Who is London For?
3.7.17.            Ben Wray:   Head of Policy and Research at Scottish think –tank Commonweal
3.7.17.            Astrid Haas: Senior economist at International Growth Centre. Economic supervision experience in East Africa
19.7.17.          Prof. Michael Manville, (US): Asst. Prof. Urban Planning, UCLA
19.7.17.          Prof. Paavo Monkkonen, (US): Assoc. Prof. Urban Planning, UCLA
19.7.17.          Prof. Michael Lens, (US): Assoc. Prof. Urban Planning, UCLA.
26.7.17.          Phillip Davies, (Aus): Chartered engineer, Chief executive of Infrastructure Australia, (advisors to Australian Government).
17.8.17.          Russell Lynch: Deputy City Editor, London Evening Standard.
19.8.17.          Brijgopal Ladda: (Ind.) Director, Urban Practice at CRISIL (Indian credit rating and investment agency)
23.8.17.          Laurie Macfarlane: Senior economist, New Economics Foundation.
13.10.17.        Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp: Founder and CEO, Business for Scotland. Ex member, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.
18.10.17.        Dr. Frank Crowley (Ire): Lecturer in Economics, U. of Cork Business School.
31.10.17.        Dr. Nkosana Moyo (Zim.): Prospective Zimbabwean presidential candidate. Wide experience in industry, commerce and finance. Ex. Minister of Industry and Trade.
18.11.17.        Patrick Collinson: Money and Finance Editor, the ‘Guardian’
19.11.17         Isaac Olusesi, (Nig.) Government Scientific Officer at Biotechnology Deveopment Agency.
21.11.17.        Serban V.C. Enache (Rom.): Romanian Journalist, novelist and blogger on economics.
22.11.17.        Paul Finch (Can.): Treasurer, British Columbia Government Employees Union. Ex. IT Analyst and Real Estate Administrator.
23.11.17.        Ian King: Sky News Business Presenter. Ex. Business Editor, The Times,
28.11.17.        Richard Leonard MSP. Scottish Labour Party leader.
3.12.17.          Tony Blair: British Labour Prime Minister (1997-2008)                                              4.12.17.         Matthew Downhour (US) Economics and History Lecturer. Blogger on Medium website
5.12.17.          Julian Jessop: Chief Economist IEA. Ex. Chief economist at Global Economics
8.12.17.          Kate Macintosh: Scottish architect, Social housing specialist.                                 15.12.17.        Daniel Bentley: Editorial Director of Civitas think tank
9.1.18.            Dr. Molly Scott Cato:  Green party MEP for SW. England.
16.1.18.          Dr. Terry Dwyer (Aus): Australian chartered tax lawyer.
16.1.18.          Tom Copley AM: Labour London Assembly member.
22.1.18.          John Harris:  Journalist and writer. Guardian columnist.
29.1.18.          Rev. Paul Nicholson:  Director, Taxpayers Against Poverty.
1.2.18.            Prof. Tyler Cowen (US): Prof. of Economics, George Mason U. Columnist for NY Times and Bloomberg View.
13.2.18.          Oliver Stanley:   Economics editor, Fultum Post (Conservative) news website.
18.2.18.          Caroline Lucas MP: Green Party co-leader and MP for Brighton Pavillion.
7.3.18.            Alan Mitchell (Aus):   Ex. economics editor, Australian Financial Revue.
22.3.18.          Bernard Hickey (NZ): Financial journalist and economics columnist for the NZ Herald.
22.3.18.          Dr.Max Franks (US): Economist. Researcher at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Resarch – video:
29.3.18.          Rachel Reeves MP: Labour MP for Leeds West
19.4.18.          Madeline Grant: Journalist. IEA. Editorial Manager. Ex. parliamentary researcher and speechwriter.
4.6.18.            Prof. Patrick Condon (Can): Professor of Urban Design and Planning at University of British Columbia.                                                                                                                         6.6.18.            Peter Franklin Assistant Editor of ‘Unherd’, media research website. Ex Conservative speechwriter and policy advisor
11.6.18.          Dr. Patrick Diamond: Lecturer, Queen Mary U. London. Chair of Policy Network think tank. Former advisor to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown
24.6.18.          Charlotte Pickles: Director of public services think tank ‘Reform’ Ex advisor to DWP minister Iain Duncan Smith
27.7.18.          Phillip Collins:  Economist, Times leader writer, Chairman Demos, Lecturer, LSE.
2.8.18.            Larry Elliott: Journalist, Economics editor at the Guardian
2.8.18.            Prof. John Muelbauer: Prof. of Economics at Oxford U.                                          6.8.18.           Jonathon Bartley: Economist. Co-leader of Green Party. London Lambeth councillor.
20.8.18.          Adam Corlett:  Senior Economic Analyst, Resolution Foundation.
31.8.18.          Adam Price AM:  Economist. Plaid Cymru party leader.
3.9.18.            Andrew Dixon:  Business investment advisor. Founder of Lib-Dems. Business and Entrepreneurs Network.
7.9.18.            Lord Chris Fox:  Lib-Dem. Spokesman for Business, Enterprise and Industrial Strategy.
10.9.18.          Dr. John Stanton:  Senior lecturer in Law, London City University.
13.9.18.          Christine Lagarde (Fr):  French lawyer and politician. Managing Director of the IMF.
14.9.18.          Dr. Eoin O’Malley (Irl):  Senior lecturer in Political Science, Dublin U.
24.9.18.          Dr. Andrew Coleman (NZ):  Economics lecturer, U. of Otago.
27.9.18.          Luke Murphy:  Assoc. Director IPPR. Political advisor to the Labour Party Author of ‘The Invisible Land’
27.9.18.          Henry Pryor: Property buying agent. Radio and TV commentator.
27.9.18.          James Wyatt: Economist. Chartered surveyor. Director, Parthenia Valuation.
11.10.18.         Michael Tichelar:  Psychotherapist. Author. Visiting fellow in history, University of the West of England.
26.10.18.         Ed Conway:   Journalist. Economics editor for Sky News.
03.11.18.         Simon Wilson: Moneyweek investment advisor. Editor of ‘The Week’ magazine.
15.12.18.         Dr. Christopher England (US): Lecturer in US History, Georgetown U         17.12.18.         Ben Glover: Economist. Researcher at Demos centre left think tank. Ex. PA to Helen Hayes MP
18.12.18.         Martin Rogers: Policy advisor, British Academy Public Policy Committee.
17.1.19.           Metthew Lesh: Political journalist. Research Fellow at Institute of Public Affairs (Aus)
31.1.19.           Paul Johnson: Director of Institute for Fiscal Studies. Visiting Prof. of Economics at UCL.
5.4.19.             Dr. Gareth Bryant (Aus): Lecturer in political economy, U. of Sydney.
14.5.19.           Julia Park: Architect and Head of Housing Research at Levitt Bernstein Architects.
31.5.19.           Edward Harrison (US): Ex. career diplomat and investment banker. Founder of ‘Credit Writedowns’, economics and financial website.
15.10.19.         Adam Creighton (Aus): Journalist. Economics editor at ‘The Australian’ newspaper.
11.7.20.           John Ball:  Former lecturer in economics, Swansea University.
24.11.20.         Shakruh Wani (Pak.): Economist at the International Growth Centre, University of Oxford
8.2.21.             Dr. Gerard Lyons: Economist. Senior Fellow at Policy Exchange. Former advisor to London Mayor Boris Johnson.