1. The Pittsburgh Experience


Why was a successful LVT system abandoned?

  1. General background
  2. Inception, growth and decline
  3. Aftermath
  4. Conclusions and comment
  5. Appendix 1. Neoclassical economics
  6. Notes

1.  General background.

Before embarking on the story of LVT in Pittsburgh it is necessary to say a few words about the structure of taxes generally in the USA.  To an outsider the US tax system would appear quite complex and onerous. There are federal taxes and state taxes before getting to local taxes.

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2. The New Zealand Experience


Why was a successful system of LVT abandoned?

  1. Background history.
  2. Events leading to abandonment.
  3. Other suggested reasons for abandonment
  4. Conclusions and Comment
  5. Appendices
  6. Notes

1.  Background history

New Zealand holds a rather special status in that it was notably the first country to introduce a system of LVT for raising revenue.1

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3. Work, Gift and Theft

A discussion of ownership and property.

This essay was first written in 2005.  Edited versions were published in Resurgence magazine in March 2006, and Land and Liberty in Autumn, 2008.  Apart from some minor amendments, the version here is un-abridged.  On re-reading I believe the points made are still relevant; very little has changed; all the basic economic processes and structures are still in place.

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